All you need to know about Collagen.

Posted on: 30th March 2022

Collagen, and why our skin needs it.

Your body naturally produces Collagen, but what is it and why does our skin need it to stay healthy?

Collagen is a protein and is usually described as the glue that holds everything together in the skin, bones and cartilage. It looks a bit like jelly when it is cooked, and has a gelatin type texture.

Collagen production declines in our bodies as we age, it's a fact! These changes are characterised by lines, wrinkles and unfortunately sagging skin. With Collagen loss inevitable ,we need to look at answers and ways to replenish this vital protein. Help is here and can be bought in powder, capsule and liquid form.

Cosmetic companies are now also producing clever serums, creams and masks containing Collagen to help us as we age.

Collagen supplements help improve the appearance of the skin and it's general health.