Be you, whatever your age - confidence is the key...

Posted on: 17th June 2021

We should be celebrating ourselves as mature people in this world with all the wisdom and maturity we have gathered along the years to pass down to our younger generations.

We all look younger than our predecessors with our excellent diet, nutrition and help to look younger naturally.
Why have a face as tight as a cling filmed chicken and lips that could stick you to a window
(they'd stay stuck for sure).
The focus should not be on the young and making women over a certain age feel past it!
It is creating a false imagery of beauty forcing some  women and men to have deep insecurities, which I find worrying.

And yet why are we not celebrating older beautiful women and goodlooking men.
( I personally quite like the silver fox look lol).

Instead we need to celebrate our individuality and what we all stand for, as there is more to life than all trying to look the same.

Women fought for freedom.
We should be proud of our age and our need to grow older gracefully with  more confidence, not stuck in a rut wishing we could look ten years younger,  saving up for surgery that a few years ago was only for people with severe facial disfigurements.

 Look good today and  be who you are, you are unique.
Remember there is only one you, keep the individuality you were born with. 

 One day the young ones of today will be old,  let's teach our children now before its too late.