Discover my inspiration for face fitness

Posted on: 13th January 2021

This is my Aunt and her daughters at her 70th Birthday. Can you believe it? She never looked her age.

One day I asked her what her secret was.

The simple reply – ‘Facial exercises every day’

Yes, she was blessed with good looks too, but wow she always looked amazing and toned in her face. I was lucky that she introduced me to do this.

She showed me and her daughters ( my cousins) how to do them. And now I am sharing this and the exercises with you all. Simple, easy and they work. It's not a new craze. This has been around for 30+ years it's just no one can be bothered doing it. I know because women have told me over the years.

But it really does work. Anne never had surgery on her face, ever, no fillers, no Botox.

Tragically, she lost her life shortly after this photo…leaving her girls, grandchildren and my Uncle absolutely devastated.

She loved life, and believed everyone should look after themselves through healthy eating and exercise. She always strived to look her best no matter what she was doing. She passed this ethos on to her girls, and I was lucky enough to be inspired by her also.

We all owe it to ourselves to remain positive, healthy and confident, so now I would like to show you all the simple tricks she passed on to me. Let's keep her memory alive and bust those facial exercises.

Thanks Auntie Anne for all your advice over the years xxx