Is there life in the skin after fillers and injectable treatments?

Posted on: 30th June 2021

The short answer is it depends on what has been done and to what extent.
Is it really simple to dissolve fillers and get your skin looking natural again?
The answer to this is, it will take a while and the skin may not go back to what it once was.
Which is why it is vital to get the ultimate advice by medical experts who know what they are doing.

Or just don't get it done in the first place.

I have said before, fashion and fads change, if you do have anything done, for goodness sake make absolutely sure it can be reversed easily with no problems.

Well known celebrities are now dissolving their fillers and are happy to feel their face moving again,
because, guess what?
Natural beauty is back in fashion, what a surprise 
These influencers have shed loads of money to put their skin right again( in most circumstances.)

"If its not broken don't fix it"

Get advice by a skin expert for an in-depth skin analysis and get using the correct products and facial exercises , bye for now,  Katie.