Rediscover your real naked beauty

Posted on: 16th February 2021

Have you ever climbed out of the shower and looked into a steamed up mirror? What do you See? 

You will see that your vision of yourself is reduced or limited. 

This is a reflection of your own experiences, memories and life changing situations, that we all experience often clouding our judgement leaving the visability of ourselves limited, blending together to form a definition of our own perception of our own beauty. 

1. Mirror one is our childhood. 

  • How we perceive ourselves as a young child.

  • Cocooned by kind and loving words from our parents and relatives.

  • Our parents hopefully providing us with a security blanket.

  • Positive memories or maybe not. We are not all blessed with loving parents.

2 . Mirror 2 is our adolescence. 

  • This mirror is a sensitive mirror, the most sensitive of all.

  • Open to criticism from friends and peers.

  • Some are enemies who are hurtful, calling names.

  • Our skin and bodies changing through puberty.

  • We are testing the real world, which sometimes can be unpleasant.

  • Leaving us a little sensitive, vulnerable and insecure at times,  giving us a false understanding of what beauty is. 

3. Mirror three is the maturing mirror. 

  • As we get older we have more insight and wisdom.

  • We understand ourselves a little better.

  • But we are still filled full of socially constructed ideas.

  • We are bombarded by images of what beauty should be today.

  • Full of media, popular culture and celebrities boasting about themselves, giving us all a false ideal of what beauty really should be. 

  • The vision is still hazy.

4. Now for mirror four. 

  • This is the new mirror. 

  • This mirror is going to help create a new unique you.

  • We are going to wipe this mirror clean to open and see the real you, your real natural beauty. Clear all misinterpretations and negativity.

  • When others look at you they see your personality, character, radiance of sprit, intelligence and much much more.

A mirror is a reflection of you but it is not how people see you... 

All of these factors make up an overall beautiful you.

  • We need to accept ourselves for what we were born with and stop everyone trying to look the same.

  • We are unique, there is only one you, it’s a gift recognising real, natural beauty in ourselves.

  • I believe that true, natural beauty is made up of our kindness our strength of character and radiance is a true beauty.