What are the benefits of good skincare?, and why it is important to maintain a healthy skin.

Posted on: 10th May 2022

What are the benefits of good skincare?

Good skincare helps keep your skin in good condition, helping it to age more slowly and healthily.

We shed skin cells on a daily basis ,so if the skin is left to its own devices it becomes dull looking and ages quicker than those that moisturise.

It is therefore important to exfoliate once or twice a week and to moisturise very day particularly if you work outside all day and are exposed to all weather conditions.

Ever wondered why farmers have such a red complexion, I can spot a farmer a mile away. Their skin has to cope with all types of wind, rain and sun exposure and if not protected will form a harsh second skin to protect it.

Those of you who work in offices may be not exposed to the weather, but air conditioning can cause dry skin conditions and breakouts, as can central heating.

So, we exfoliate to slough off dead skin cells, exposing a softer, cleaner looking skin rather than a dull skin. We then moisturise to keep your skin glowing and fresh looking.

An effective routine, even if it take you 2 minutes can help prevent acne, deep wrinkles and help your skin to look its best, giving you more skin confidence.

Don't forget I do skin consultations, one to one on Zoom or face to face if you live near me, to give any help, advice and knowledge. I am here to help you. Katie.xx