We are talking teenage skin!!

Posted on: 27th September 2021

Magic skin help for teenagers.

C'mon! let''s face it, we all needed help and guidance with our skin when we were younger, and still do!

I was a teenager once and I remember asking all my mates for advice, and discussing our skin routines and spot breakouts, and endless conversations about make-up, on our sleepovers. ( god that was awhile ago lol.) We all still love talking skin and make-up to this day.

I remember searching for that perfect book.

The perfect book that was going to be life-changing. helping us all with make-up and looking after our skin. When in fact they were packed full of dull, boring routines, and chronic make-up idea's.

So I never found the perfect skin book.

Think of me as the "magic book" that I was searching for back then.

So I studied beauty and skin, so that when I was older ( which I am ) I could teach myself and my friends to look after our own skins.... keeping it as natural for as long as we possibly can, and accepting our older years with confidence, using clever techniques, facial exercise and micro-current etc..I do not like fillers and interjectables, as they give a certain look

"I believe in natural beauty."

With you, I can teach you everything you need and want to know about your skin, so when you are older, you can pass all your information down to your own teenagers and younger generation and grow older in your skin confidently.

Teenage life is not easy, it is fun one minute and daunting the next, but we have all been teenagers and know exactly how you feel from the heart. That's why I want to help with my years of knowledge on the skin through the decades.

We can discuss the use of products you are using and I can help you choose the correct ones.

Wave bye bye to all those expensive products that promise you "this and that."

Let's cut to the nitty gritty and save you £££££ using high street products and tools, that are easily accessible.

"I believe " strongly in simplistic routines and sustainability.

I am not a fan of selling products, but I believe in choosing the right product for the right person at the right price.

So don't miss out, allow me to take the reins and help you gain control of your skin, and I will let you into my magic book of knowledge and wisdom.

Bye for now, Katie xx