What is Cocoahous?

Posted on: 18th February 2022

About Cocoahous.

Cocoahous is a professional online skin consultation platform, ran single handedly by Skin and Beauty Expert, Katie Begley.

Cocoahous offer people of all ages no nonsense advice and guidance on how to treat your skin and get it looking it's absolute best. With us being on line we can reach people far and wide.

With over 30 years hands on experience with the skin, Katie can offer you bespoke skin care solutions to individuals and believes that one size does not fit all. She provides expert guidance and mentoring by carefully designing skin programmes to suit each and every one.

By carefully dissecting products her client's already use, she finds much cheaper, alternative solutions depending on age and your own skin goals. This often results in client's having a deeper understanding of their skin and shifting to skincare and products more suitable for them. This results in the skin responding in a positive way and looking fantastic.

Part of the consultation process often involves a personalised Facial Exercise Programme.

Facial muscles are small and tighten and tone really quickly, so we use repetitive motions and exaggerated facial expressions carried out in short bursts of time to gain quick, long lasting results.

Katie also shows you how to use facial tools and implements readily available to refresh and even out the skin's texture creating a smooth natural foundation, which looks youthful more radiant and natural.

Katie strongly believes in finding the correct products to treat and care for your skin, not just putting up with problems and covering it all up.

Katie's own words are "after all you wouldn't paint a picture on an uneven canvas would you?"

Let's get your skin looking fantastic today.